Improving Your Online Brand Awareness

In the modern world of online shopping & the ease of finding products and services at the drop of a hat, brand awareness has never been more important. Whether it’s implementing your company colours into your web design or engaging with the right customer base through social media posts & ads, branding is a fundamental factor of marketing your online business.

Due to the rise of digital branding, there are whole industries that have been saturated with new companies all vying for the same customers and sales. This means that users now have more choices than ever readily reachable and available.

Studies suggest that a shocking 81% of businesses across Europe could disappear and consumers wouldn’t even care (MarketingWeek). This is an alarming statistic that perfectly shows how the terrain of customer loyalty has changed in recent years. With so much choice for similar products & services, there aren’t many incentives to staying loyal to just one brand.

This is why it is vital to use online marketing and advertising tools to increase & reinforce your digital branding.

Enhancing Brand Awareness Through Web Design

When it comes to brand recognition through web design, typical responses such as colour palettes, tone of voice and imagery are the first to be mentioned. Whilst these web design elements are very important for users to instantly recognise your brand’s website and digital channels they are relatively easy wins for experienced web designers.

Often aspects of web design that can improve your branding are overlooked such as the integration of your other channels.

  • How can your customers go from your physical location to your website and vice versa?
  • Do your customers move from social media platforms to your site seamlessly?
  • Are all of your digital channels leading to your website?


All of these questions relate to how more in-depth and technical web design (and a little bit of SEO) factor into your brand being synonymous with a particular image & characteristic. Branding is all about getting your company name into someone’s home. These days it’s more justifiable to say that it’s more about getting your name into user’s devices.

Ways Our Team Enhance Branding Using Web Design

As well as the obvious aspects such as matching colour palettes, fonts, tone of voice, imagery, etc. Our highly skilled website designers utilise integrations throughout your new website to link social media channels, customer testimonials and many other ways for you to directly engage with your customers on a very personal level.

In terms of SEO & website design, ensuring your website loads fast and is optimised for mobile devices, is vital. Branding is useless if your website isn’t professionally designed and functional for all of your potential customers.

Is Branding Different For E-Commerce Websites?

Often creating a digital persona for your company online can vary for e-commerce business however only in the sense that you should decide how much of your advertising and marketing efforts are geared towards actually selling products. Branding doesn’t necessarily mean you need to focus on selling your services or products but rather about creating a community around your company.

Companies such as Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch rarely actually market their products, however they do advertise the lifestyle and the type of lifestyle they’re trying to communicate to their target audience. This in turn creates a significant brand loyalty surge, thereby resulting in some customers almost exclusively purchasing their items.

This can be a much longer burning method but much more lucrative long term and it’s very prevalent in SME’s & niche industries due to there being a much tighter community of enthusiasts or customers. Take for example independent artisan coffee shops; if a local one in Bristol starts to sell online merchandise in the form of cups, t-shirts etc. if the shop is inline with your personality you’ll be inclined to purchase.

Using SEO To Improve Your Company’s Online Branding

With SEO being one of the most multi-faceted components of digital advertising, it’s no wonder that it plays some role in the way your business is branded digitally. As a fundamental technique for your site to be viewed by more users, correctly, having a good SEO strategy is a great way of ensuring your company is distinctive when compared to the competition online.

This includes updating your onsite content regularly and engaging with your customer base in a relatable and relevant way. This can easily be done through blogging and updating other more engaging channels such as social media and linking them back to the relevant page on your website.

SEO & branding go hand in hand as they tend to improve with each other. As your search engine rankings increase, so too does your brand’s digital reputation. A higher SEO score means that your website is trustworthy and has a high level of domain authority.

Social Media Ads & Brand Awareness

Social Media can be a rock and a hard place for small to medium sized businesses. On one hand it’s a harsh environment of critics and the potential for bad publicity, whilst on the other it is a haven for customer acquisition and widely recognised as THE place to go for customer engagement and building a brand image in the modern era.

Because of this it’s important to be present on social media platforms as well as staying relevant and seeming approachable as a business. This is where many businesses find their voice and are able to easily identify their target audience.

In terms of finding a brand voice, many businesses make a name and character out of going against the grain on social media. Whereas others find success with a more professional approach. This is where facebook display ads are a great way to test both key demographics, keywords and other aspects of company personality.

By A/B testing display ads with various outcomes, calls to action and to various demographics, you will soon find that your business’s personality is developed and will build over time.

Contact Us About Website Design & Brand Awareness In Bristol

With teams of expert SEO technicians, website designers and ad campaign managers on hand to implement all the necessary advertising techniques to build your online business, we are well equipped to support your digital journey. Contact us for more information on digital branding or to enquire about professional digital advertising services.


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