Page Experience – What To Expect In 2022

Page Experience update

Google releases updates to its search engine algorithm throughout the year in order to improve search results for users. In May of 2021 a new update known as the “page experience update” was released for mobile devices. The new update will be using page experience as part of Google’s ranking systems. In February 2022, the update will be applied to desktop devices, mirroring the mobile update last year but with the exclusion of mobile friendliness.

What Is The Page Experience Update?

This update aims to provide a better user experience by prioritising pages that provide high-quality page performance, such as quick load times and a non-shifting, stable page. Google has always had some page experience metrics, such as mobile friendliness, HTTPS security, and invasive interstitials. With the 2021 Page Experience update however, they are also adding three additional metrics to measure both speed and overall page experience. These metrics are known as the three Core Web Vitals. The comparison below (image courtesy of Google) shows the factors affected in the new update for desktop & mobile:

Mobile Vs Desktop Page Experience

Measuring, Monitoring & Fixing Page Experience

The Chrome User Experience report’s field data is used to compute Core Web Vitals scores, and users can now mesaure, monitor and fix these courtesy of Google’s update. Search Console tools & reports have been refreshed to help website owners prepare for this update. Some of the recently updated tools have been stated below:

Page Speed Insights

The PageSpeed Insights feature displays an overall score based on Lighthouse data. A section on statistics from the Chrome User Experience report is located directly beneath that score. Scores for each of the three Core Web Vitals, as well as First Contentful Paint, are also displayed here.

Page speed Insights

Core Web Vitals Report

Based on real-world usage statistics, the Core Web Vitals report displays how your pages perform for each of the three criteria. For Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift on mobile and desktop, URLs are grouped together by performance status (“bad,” “needs improvement,” and “good”).

Page Experience Report

The Page Experience report is a new Google report that displays data on each of the page experience metrics for the preceding 90 days, specifically the number of URLs on your site that deliver an “excellent” page experience and the number of organic search impressions those URLs have received.

The Updates Effect On SEO

From an SEO point of view, there is an incentive to optimise your website for good core web vitals scores and overall page experience because they will become a lightweight ranking factor. Additionally, a good user experience improves data such as bounce rates, conversion rates, and ultimately revenue across marketing channels.

Improving page experience should be about bringing up the overall quality of your web page. Meaning you don’t want to abandon quality content or UX practices in the process of optimising for this update.

The Updates Effect on Revenues & Conversions

Google and industry research indicate that there is a very strong correlation between good user experience and metrics like bounce rates, conversions & revenue. Some of the examples to the right (courtesy of Google AI blog & Chrome Blog) show this correlation.

This page experience update will make it even more difficult for sites with a bad user experience to rank well and receive traffic from the search results that matter the most to their businesses.

Page Experience In 2022

Planning Page Experience

From a user perspective, there will no difference in terms of the navigability and content, but should notice a swifter and more pleasurable website. In the new year, industries such as the job market will be receiving a large boost in traffic, and websites must therefore be as quick and seamless as possible for desktop and mobile users exploring new jobs and other services in 2022.

At Search4Local, we believe this update will not be a significant one that effects rankings drastically. Those who work towards improving their site’s page experience will see small changes in rankings as long as they have optimised for mobile & desktop users.

Contact us for more information on how Google’s latest page experience update may effect your website in 2022.


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