Selling Products Online With An E-commerce Website

E-commerce websites are very much becoming the new ‘normal’ way of shopping for every category of consumer; from buying clothes to computers and even your groceries. This is why it is so important for small and medium sized businesses to jump on this train before it well and truly leaves them behind.

Since the inception of online shops the industry has developed massively in both design trends and the level of technology. Whilst this is great, it has paved the way for increasing consumer expectations. This means that it is crucial not only to set up an e-commerce platform but to have it designed methodically & matching your branding thereby developing trust between your company and the customer.

Although the development of your online shop might be very technical and require specialists like us in order to compete with your competition, there are some seriously good benefits when compared with a physical, brick & mortar store.

Shop Products Online 24/7

The most obvious benefit when launching an online business or at least an e-commerce channel for your existing company is that the internet doesn’t shut its doors at 5pm and close up shop. Being able to open 24/7 means that you open your trade up to people all hours of the day, no matter whether it is a sunny bank holiday or christmas day, people can still browse, share and purchase your products.

An online store also allows you to open your company up to people who otherwise may never know you exist. This could be anything from international customers to clientele on the other side of Bristol that just haven’t heard of you yet. A website is a fantastic vehicle for enhancing your brand awareness locally.

Other benefits are that you can manage your business from anywhere.

Manage Your E-commerce Store From Your Mobile

Often having a physical shop is great for customers finding you from one central point however, the commerce terrain is changing rapidly and people are becoming less inclined to travel into towns or shopping centres to browse which is why it is so important to have an online presence. That being said, a disadvantage of having a physical location is that someone has to be there to operate the transactions.

The way in which we set up e-commerce websites means that you can manage everything from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop! Anything from managing stock levels to the processing of orders & even setting up promotions, coupons and sales. This means you can manage the day to day running of your shop from anywhere in the world (providing you’ve got internet).

As a result of this, you will save money by not having a physical location, with inflated rent and utility bills, a physical location will be significantly more expensive. If you are just adding an e-commerce channel to coincide with your physical shop then you’ll have an extra way to sell your products and reach more customers.

E-commerce Website Design

The expectations of customers has increased exponentially with online giants such as Apple, Facebook, Instagram etc. developing their user interface (UI) regularly. This means that new e-commerce websites must catch up, using the latest design trends to keep inline with the ever developing world wide web.

Designing For Mobile Users

Part of keeping up with developing trends in web design is ensuring that your website is optimised for mobile devices. This means making sure that everything is visible and functions correctly on all devices. This not only benefits the consumer but as a shockingly high percentage of internet users are from mobile devices, search engines rank mobile 1st websites higher on SERPs. This means that having a responsive mobile e-commerce shop will improve your SEO and therefore organic traffic.

Heading Structure

The heading structure of an online shop is the foundations of a website. If done correctly, this can seriously kickstart your online business. Alternatively, if this is not well structured and methodically thought out it can really undermine all other aspects of SEO & user experience (UX) you have spent time developing for your site.

A quality heading structures should follow something like this:

  • Category page
  • Subcategory
  • Products
  • Variants


In terms of SEO, the search engine bots will be able to crawl your site much more clearly, thereby helping you to rank much better in SERPs. Once ranking better in results pages, you’ll be exposed to a much larger and much more targeted audience base which will hopefully increase the number of conversions you receive.

For user experience, customers should always be able to find products as easily as possible. If a heading structure is poorly made then your customers may not find the products they’re looking for.

Safe & Secure Payment Gateways

A priority of ours as professional website designers is the security of data. This includes creating and implementing secure payment gateways for your customers to use. This not only makes everybody’s payment data safe and secure online there, building trust between you and your client base; but it also makes the transaction easy and free of pain points.

Marketing Your New Online Business

Now you know a little more of what goes into creating an online store, its important to understand how successful online companies market their products and services in the digital world. Using various digital channels there are so many different techniques and combinations you can use to advertise your business.

Designing For Mobile Users

For instant sponsored ads, pay per click or PPC for short can be a great way to gain exposure to a specific demographic. It uses both keyword analytics and intelligent tracking algorithms so you can target exactly who your clientbase are.

For example if you sell skateboards, you can target key search terms such as skateboards for sale and target that ad to reach people who are between the ages of 14-25 living in Bristol and many more other data points.

Based on a monthly average budget you only pay for the adverts each time they are clicked on with keywords being the competitive factor deciding how much you pay.

Man on his phone looking at a mobile app

Social Media

Similar to PPC, paid social media ads are a great way to acquire new customers, expose your brand to a larger client base and engage with existing customers in a more creative and interesting way.


Long term, SEO is the best way to increase your organic traffic on SERPs. This is especially true for local SEO; being able to change on-page content in order to target specific local locations can really help to increase your brand awareness and improve your SEO for an e-commerce store.

Contact Us For More Information On E-commerce Web Design In Bristol

Why not go ahead and start an online business right now with us. Our team of professionals can create and manage your whole digital advertising journey. The only thing you’ll have to do is manage the day to day business. From expert e-commerce website designers to experienced PPC & SEO technicians we can both build and advertise your online shop for you around Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Call us 01172 870159 for more information on designing an e-commerce website or contact us for more details on digital advertising.


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