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Social media advertising is a highly successful method of digital advertising. Allowing niche targeting through a multitude of ad types. Social media marketing, especially Facebook sponsored adverts, are exceptionally creative and effective due to the stalwart position social media has taken in our lives. The level of creativity, accessibility and ease of use of these ads are essential reasons why so many of us engage with them.

We offer a comprehensive social media advertising service that prioritises Facebook as the largest and most used platform currently with over 2.7 billion active users and more than 3 billion users across their owned platforms. Our service can help to increase brand awareness and exposure to your company and website, thereby increasing the traffic visiting your site. By social media adverts increasing the level of traffic to your site, you enhance your online authority and result in ranking better with search engines as well as increasing the chance of a conversion.

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Facebook Business Manager is the hub in which our highly trained technicians can manage and create your custom adverts. It includes a niche targeting system so that you will always be able to target specific demographics using Facebook’s unique grouping algorithms. This means you will be able to display your social media adverts to very specific groups of people depending on your target market, ensuring your budget is spent as efficiently as possible.

Our service includes uniquely designed adverts, created by our professional team to create visually compelling ads that draw potential customers in. As well as carefully crafted adverts, we undertake continuous analysis on your ad campaigns to ensure that they are optimised to work as best as possible for your business. This includes tracking agreed upon key performance indicators (KPI’s). We consistently monitor your campaigns to maximise performance. Measured by reach, impressions, click-through rate and conversions.

Sponsored Advertising On Facebook

Advertising your business on social media can be displayed in many forms. Unlike other forms of digital advertising, there is a creative freedom that can portray your brand much more confidently, such as the use of graphics, images, 3d scrolling, videos and much more.

We are able to utilise the different methods of display advertising Facebook and other social media platforms offer to best portray your products or services. Please see a brief description of the most popular type of Facebook adverts below:

Videos For Social Media

As the majority of users do not press the play button when watching videos online, we utilise the automatic play functionality. Videos can convey a more compelling message using visual cues such as product demonstrations or brief business tours.

Photos For Display Advertising

The most common type of display advertising on social media. They pose the easiest and fastest way to convey your brand’s message and minimise the cost of

Carousel Display For Dynamic Social Media Advertising

Similar to photo display advertising, carousel adverts display a series of images in one advert. These work great for showcasing a new series of products or services.

Location Specific Targeting

Facebook advertising is one of the most precise methods of advertising that exists today. Our expert campaign managers are able to target audiences in specific locations, such as the area your business operates in, a great solution if your business is looking to target a new area.

Location based preferences is one of the most powerful audience definitions as people engage with more relevant content. Location relevant adverts tend to have higher engagement rates then most other preferences.

Facebook’s algorithms are smart enough to also determine the location definitions of other people on the platform too. Which means that when you set a location based advert and someone engages with it through interaction, they are likely to show up on that customer’s friends feeds too. This also includes being able to target people that have previously engaged with your website or social media pages that haven’t converted to a purchase or action. This is done through remarketing & retargeting strategies.

This enables you to positively grow a relevant, location based following of customers. Our experts know the best practices to make the most of your campaigns and build your businesses’ brand awareness through engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of advertising on social media varies depending on your target audience, location, type of advert & other factors.

Adverts on these platforms have proven to be consistently the most effective source for brand discovery. They outweigh many other forms of traditional advertising.

With roughly 38% of the World’s population using social media platforms, it’s becoming increasingly more useful for businesses to showcase their products and services in a meaningful way.

Social Media Marketing Strategies & Facebook Sponsored Adverts

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